About Chip Trautman I entered real estate in 1996 as a career which built upon my prior experience and education as a counselor and teacher. I find those skills applicable to real estate in many ways. Many times I am counseling buyers or sellers so that I understand their needs better and can help them make the right choices for their families. I also teach people about the many facets of real estate, including: how to prepare their home for the market, how to price their home to sell, how to profit from real estate investments, factors to consider in their home purchase, and how interest rates affect their wealth building long term. One of my specialties is helping people get their home sold when it has not sold with a prior agent. I listen to the seller, analyze the situation and can usually come up with a solution and innovative marketing to get the property sold. I enjoy helping first time homebuyers very much. This allows me to take more of a teaching role and I feel my years of experience and education can help the first time buyer get off to a good start. Helping people build equity is one of my favorite parts of real estate. I truly enjoy helping investors make money from their purchases and helping residential buyers and sellers profit from their moves. I am a Residential Financial Consultant, and it is rewarding to help people understand how to make their money work effectively for them. I have been a resident of the area since 1981 and enjoy showing people the benefits of area, the fun places to visit and helping them to integrate into our community.